Expert Walkthroughs of HNSCC Specimens Using the Next-Generation Atlas of Stains

Date: 30 Nov 2023
Presenter: Dr. Quyen Nguyen, MD, CPA (Pathologist, Agilent Technologies)

Expert Walkthroughs of Esophageal Cancer Specimens Using the Next-Generation Atlas of Stains

Date: 28 Sep 2023
Presenter: Dr. Emmanuel Agosto-Arroyo, MD (Pathologist, Agilent Technologies)

Evaluating PD-L1 Across a Range of Tumor Types using Combined Positive Score (CPS)

Date: 21 Jun 2023
Presenter: Ed Manna, CDx Pathology Manager, Agilent Technologies

Double Feature: PD-L1 Interpretation in Esophageal and Cervical Cancer

Date: 16 Nov 2022
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Dr. Jens Neumann, Managing Senior Physician, Institute of Pathology, Medical Faculty, LMU Munich and Kristopher Kersch, MD, Pathologist, Agilent Technologies

Confidence in Evaluating Combined Positive Score: How a Systematic Approach Can Simplify PD-L1 Scoring with CPS

Date: 16 Jun 2022
Presenter: Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus, Professor Dr. med., University Hospital Essen & West German Cancer Center Essen, Germany

Scoring of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC): Example Cases from PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx Atlas of Stain

Date: 11 Nov 2021
Presenter: Dr. Allen M. Gown, founder of PhenoPath Laboratories and Clinical Professor of Pathology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Assessing PD-L1 Combined Positive Score (CPS) in Various Tumor Types with Distinct Morphological Characteristics

Date: 07 Oct 2021
Presenter: Dr. Philippe Tanière, histopathologist at University Hospitals Birmingham

PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx and NSCLC One Assay, Two Platforms

Date: 08 Dec 2020
Presenter: Grant Toland, R&D Scientist, Agilent Technologies

The Nuances of Tumor Types: How are Cutoffs Determined and Validated?

Date: 05 Nov 2020
Presenter: Dr. Kristopher Kersch, MD, Pathologist, Agilent Technologies and Karina Kulangara, PhD, R&D Director, Agilent Technologies

Implementation of PD-L1 Testing in the New Era of an Everchanging Immuno-oncology Landscape

Date: 24 Sep 2020
Presenter: Dr. Carol Cheung, MD, PhD, JD, FRCPC, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada

Mastering Combined Positive Score (CPS) From Principles to Real-world Applications

Date: 27 May 2020
Presenter: Dr. Quyen Nguyen, MD, CPA, Pathologist, Agilent Technologies

The Pathologist and the Oncologist Working Together on PD-L1 to Improve Patient Treatment

Date: 11 Dec 2019
Presenter: Dr. Jose Ramirez, MD, Professor of Pathology, University of Barcelona, Spain and Dr. Noemí Reguart Aransay, MD, PhD, Consultant Oncologist, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain

External Quality Assurance of PD-L1 Assays The NordiQC Experience

Date: 04 Dec 2019
Presenter: Dr. Mogens Vyberg, MD, Consultant, NordiQC, Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark

The Rationale Behind the Scoring Systems for PD-L1 IHC to Determine Patients Eligible for KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab)

Date: 24 Sep 2019
Presenter: Dr. Kristopher Kersch, MD Pathologist, Agilent Technologies; United States

The Value of CDx IHC Assays in the Complex Environment of PD‑L1 Testing

Date: 28 May 2019
Presenter: Dr. Allen Gown, MD, Clinical Professor of Pathology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

This website addresses general principles for scoring of PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx and is for education purposes only. Not all cancer indications mentioned are approved worldwide. Please refer to local Instructions for Use for PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx for further details.